Random info on the project

  • Production time: 10 days (5 days of modelling and developing the script, 3 days of shooting, 2 days of editing)
  • Shot with a Canon EOS400 Digital, using a 50mm 1,8f; a 17-55mm 3,5-5,6f and a 55-200mm 4-5,6f lens.
  • Models are made of modeling compounds and wires and were painted with acrylic color.
  • Production cost ~40€ (including catering).
  • The names of the characters are (in order of appearance): Johnny, Old Lady, Fat Bastard formerly know as “Pingu”, Der Polizeichef.
  • A total of 1619 pictures were taken.
  • About 1000 appear in the film.
  • The film runs at 25 frames per second and has an average of 12 images per second.
  • In the original script Johnny also starts to dance in the end.
  • The ND foil that was applied to the lamp melted and could not be removed afterwards.

One Response to “Info”

  1. ATTN:David Madry

    Hi David

    my name is Anna and I work for the Sputnik7 network which incorporates the VFX & CG industry websites VFXTalk and CGNews, and the film & tv site Sputnik7.

    We saw Faett on the VFXTalk short film forum and thought it was great. Would you be interested in allowing us to host Faett on Sputnik7? we could also promote it via our social media pages.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    with kind regards


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